E-Books Forever – A Review of Calibre

Our Philosophy is that technology should be durable and that you should own things yourself. That includes electronic text. A Kindle is a nice way to read things, but if you buy books through Amazon and let them host the material for you, it’s not permanent. Someday, there won’t be an Amazon. You don’t really own the book unless you have copies of the files yourself.… Read more

Home Server Series Part 6 – Your First Self-Hosted Service

What good is a server that doesn’t have a service? In this post, we’ll look at using Docker to set up a Bitwarden password management service. In subsequent posts, we’ll add the ability to access this service from outside your home network securely and reliably. Dock What? If you want to run a single service on a server, you can install it, run it, and forget about it.… Read more