Wiki.JS – A Wiki for your Home

Everyone has some idea of what a “Wiki” is; at the very least we’ve all ended up on Wikipedia for some reason or another. The term was invented as part of the MediaWiki project, which itself was built to create Wikipedia. The term is somewhat ambiguous, but in general it refers to collaborative software where any use can edit content, content is broken down into individual pieces of information, and you can edit the content from a web browser.… Read more

TiddlyWiki – The World’s Strangest Digital Notebook

I hate the name “Tiddlywiki”, and that’s my biggest criticism of the software going by that name, so I’ll be calling it TW for the rest of this post. TW is a digital notebook, but it’s not like anything you’re used to. Like most of the software I’ll review, it’s also free. When you head over to the official website and download a copy you might be surprised to find that you end up with an HTML page in your downloads directory.… Read more

Joplin – The Self-hosted OneNote Alternative

When I made the decision to ditch giant tech companies, the only application I was tempted to preserve was Microsoft’s OneNote. If you’ve never used it before, it works as a digital notebook. You can create multiple notebooks with different sections and subsections and pages, you can embed audio, video, images, and files. You can make tables. I began using it right after I graduated from college and for years it organized my life.… Read more