The Power of Plain Text

 I see technology as a tool; as a means to an end. That end will vary, but seeing technology as a means and a tool invariably leads to some philosophical conclusions. What’s Plain Text? The words on the screen you’re reading right now are plain text. You can check it for yourself if you’d like by inspecting the source code of the page.… Read more

Durable Technology

If you want to leave Google and Microsoft and Apple and all the rest because you hate what they do with your data and to your country, you don’t need to be convinced to find alternatives. Whether that describes you or not, though, I think it’s wise when making resolutions that we figure out what we want, not just what we don’t. While the tutorials and reviews on this site don’t delve too far into my worldview, the underlying basis for what I recommend does, and this post explores it.… Read more